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A step-by-step guide on how to sell on Takealot

What is Takealot?

Takealot is an e-commerce company that offers premium service, sells quality goods at affordable prices, and does timely door-to-door delivery. It is South Africa’s biggest and best e-commerce (online) retail store. According to Shopping Feeder Insights, Takealot has over 2000 sellers who offer goods from hundreds of credible brands around the world. It also has more than 1.9 million customers using the Takealot platform.


Stay put while we walk you through the steps to sell on Takealot. 

How do I sell something on Takealot?

  1. Click https://m.takealot.com/sell/apply to access the application form for sellers. Fill in the “How we can get in touch” section correctly with your first and last name, email address, mobile number, and phone number (optional). 
  2. Next, fill in the “Tell us about your business section” with your company name.
  3. Click “Select” to choose the category of products you have to sell. 
  4. Then tick whether or not you are VAT registered, your monthly revenue, and fill in your business registration number. 
  5. Fill in the business owner details, the brand you are selling, and the number of unique products. 
  6. Choose “Yes or No” when you get to questions about if you carry stock, if you have a physical store, and if you are a supplier to retail outlets. The last two questions are optional.
  7. Click “apply to sell” when you get to the bottom of the page. 
  8. Next, Takealot will send you a confirmation email. This is why your email address has to be functional. 
  9. You will receive an online storefront to display your products. List all the products you want to sell. There is no limit to the number of products. 
  10. Set a price for your products that is within the average price range on other online storefronts. 
  11. Add the quantity of each product available so that customers are aware of how much is in stock. 
  12. Choose a way to make your products available to customers. You can either store them at the Takealot warehouse or yours. However, you have to send products to Takealot whenever a customer places an order. This is because Takealot is responsible for delivery service.

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Takealot pricing

Takealot does not demand a fee for listing products. However, here is a list of possible charges. 

  • A R300 monthly subscription per account you have with them.
  • A fulfilment fee is based on the height, weight, and width of the product. It is for receiving and packaging your products at the warehouse and delivering them to your client.
  • Success fees include the costs of transactions and referral fees. Takealot calculates the success fees of every sale based on the cost of the product and the percentage of VAT. However, the platform returns your money if the sale doesn’t pull through. 
  • You will pay a storage fee between R3.00 to R150.00 if your products are in the Takealot warehouse. The amount you pay depends on the side of the product, the stock cover, and the age of the product. 

Takealot offers a practical way to sell items on its platform. Sellers will excel if they offer quality products at reasonable prices. Additionally, sellers who have positive Takealot reviews have higher chances of making more sales and increasing their profit margin than others who don’t.