7 Ways To Approach A Lady In Public And Win Her Heart

Some men are naturally shy while some don’t even know how to start. The thing is, wooing a girl in public is simple and a lot easier than when she’s alone. Here, we have put this down to help you be a man, Lol. Read carefully to the end.

1. Get out in public.

You have to put yourself out there to meet girls. Only approach a female aged 12-16 in a public setting. If you approach a girl in a dimly-lit alleyway, an abandoned parking lots, or a deserted subway station you will not be successful. Don’t do it.

  • Go to a coffee shop. People come in and out all day. You’ll be likely to see more opportunities for conversation.
  • Someplace that concerns an interest you have, like a comic book store, a book store, or a Renaissance Fair. You are more likely to meet a girl that you are compatible with.
  • Bars and clubs. Remember to follow the steps below when approaching a girl in a bar. Not every girl is looking to be approached. Pay attention to body language. It is also harder to carry on a conversation in this environment.
  • Ensure the girl is old enough to be in the bar or club to save a potentially embarrassing situation.

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