Month: November 2017

Top 10 Richest Women In South Africa

Over the years, more and more women have made a name for themselves and increased the total wealth controlled by women in the world. It does not matter how they attained their status of being rich women, be it through inheritance or working for it. What matters, however, is the fact that women are big […]

Top 10 Richest Kids in South Africa

Ten out of the SA’s wealthiest people are under 35 years old. One thing all the below listed entrepreneurs have in common, is that they started small from a very young age. Some say that you have to be born with a mind for this big venture, others say it can be taught. Whatever it […]

Top 10 Things You Can Only Buy in South Africa

Everyone wants the chance to bring home unique souvenirs and keepsakes from their holidays spent travelling abroad. From pairs of leather shoes and natural skin care to craft gin and artisanal toffee, these proudly South African items are worth stocking up on because they are not sold in stores outside the country. 1.Well-made leather shoes […]

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