Month: September 2017

Welcome to the Future of WordPress with Gutenberg

We call the new editor Gutenberg. The entire editing experience has been rebuilt for media rich pages and posts. Experience the flexibility that blocks will bring, whether you are building your first site, or write code for a living. It seems that Gutenberg has been a term of controversy in the world of WordPress lately. […]

Top 10 Greatest South African Musicians of All Time

If you’re a world traveler who fancies music, then you’re probably conversant with the list I’m about to make. That’s to say you’ve at some point enjoyed the sounds of the greatest musicians from South Africa on your stereo, iPod, CD player or radio and you completely understand what “great” means in this context. Now […]

Top 10 Richest Caribbean Celebrities And their Net Worth

Caribbean has produced many celebrities. Each island has its own famous sons and daughters. Some of them are millionaires and have a huge fan following worldwide. Let’s see the top 12 richest Caribbean celebrities as of 2014, based on Celebrity Net Worth’s estimates. 12. Selita Ebanks (Net Worth: $8 Million) This Cayman-born British fashion model […]

The Best Degrees to Study to Earn the Most Money in South Africa

CareerJunction has released its 2016 Salary Review, which shows that engineers, IT professionals, and financial experts earn the most money. The CareerJunction Salary Review has been compiled for South African job seekers and the recruitment industry, providing an overview of salaries in the country. It contains current salary information based on salary offerings on the CareerJunction […]

These are the Most Expensive Shopping Centres in South Africa

Sandton City has overtaken Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront as the most expensive shopping space per square metre in South Africa. The 28th edition of Cushman & Wakefield’s report: Main Streets Across The World, analyzed 462 top shopping streets in the world and ranked the most expensive locations in each country by their prime rental value. […]

South Africa’s 10 Greatest Business People of All time

New World Wealth has released its list of the top 10 business people in South Africa’s history – showing which business leaders have had the greatest impact on the country, and the world. The criteria used to determine the top 10 looked at how the listed individuals influenced the country and the international business community, […]

Qualifications of South Africa’s top 10 Richest Billionaires

It’s a question that comes up time and again – do you need a higher education to become wealthy? The playground of the rich and famous is littered with people who have no tertiary education including Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, more recently, Mark Zuckerberg, and the world’s current richest man, Bill Gates. In Fact, according […]

South Africa Universities With the Richest Students

The three top things that black students spend their money on is alcohol, petrol and bling. Coloured students splurge on clothing, computer software and takeaways while white students spend their money on contraceptives, music and toiletries. This is according to research conducted by Student Village which was shared during a presentation in Houghton on Wednesday. […]

Middle-class South Africans can no longer afford to live in Cape Town CBD

Cape Town CBD boasts 12 museums, three libraries, 209 eateries, 96 medical practices, 69 bars and clubs, four theatres, 627 retail outlets, 25 places of worship and 40 health facilities. However, middle income earners, many of whom work in the area, aren’t able to make full use of these facilities outside of working hours, according to […]

Top 10 Richest People in Israel 2017

Despite the constant threat from many of its neighbors, Israel is home to a sizable number of billionaires who’ve made their mark on the world through various successful business ventures. This country has a hefty GDP of $273.2 billion and a population of around 7,800,000. The per capita GDP for Israel is $36,200 and the country’s […]

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