Month: April 2017

See 10 South African Rappers With University Degrees & Diplomas

Did you ever think of this? There are more than a handful of rappers who have reputable college qualifications. Here is a list of 10 South African rappers that have degrees and diplomas to their names….. 1. Rapper: K.O K.O completed his studies and graduated with a Public Relations (PR) Management National Diploma from Vaal […]


It is in these schools that you will find the children of the who’s who in Kenya’s political, diplomatic, business and corporate landscape. Education might be free for all at public primary and high schools in the country, but if you want quality, you must be ready to pay for it. And pay big you […]

Top 10 Most Expensive Schools in Dubai and Their Fees

We all know that school fees are expensive in the UAE, but some schools in Dubai take the word ‘expensive’ to new heights. Indeed, according to a new report from Edarabia detailing the cost of school fees across Dubai, if you want to, you can spend a lot of cash on your children’s education. Recently, […]

Top 10 Most Expensive High Schools in South Africa and Their Fees

expensive schools in south africa

Is good education really bought? The top two most expensive schools in the country each have an annual fee exceeding R200 000 per scholar. Let that sink in. According to Dr Muavia Gallie, independent education consultant, said that the school fees figures present a big challenge for South African families. The schools listed below reflect […]

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