Month: February 2017

The Top 10 Best And Worst African Airports At The Moment! (See what category your country’s airport falls)

The best and worst African airports are differentiated by their readiness to offer an efficient, customer friendly and clean experience with respect to the latter, considered to be repeated poor-timing offenders, with sickly security procedures and incompetent staff, operating in mini dromes. These are strong sentiments from travelers, as reflected on the 2016 edition of […]

Forbes Releases OFFICIAL Top 10 Richest African Musicians For 2017 – Number 2 Will Shock You!

Richest African musicians: Forbes has released their lists of Richest African musicians. The list was put together using factors such as endorsement value, popularity, show rates, Sales, awards, YouTube views, appearance in newspapers, investment, social media presence, Influence and so many other factors. They include: 10) BANKY W   Artiste. Co owner EME, Samsung Ambassador, Philanthropist, […]

7 Most Expensive Cars Owned By African Footballers

Football stars are paid fabulous money to play on the global stage. Earning millions of dollars each year, many choose to spend their salary on the finest cars money can buy. We are going to bring you a interesting list of most expensive cars owned by footballers of Africa. Here are 7 of the best […]

These Are The Best Universities In South Africa At The Moment

US News & World Report have released the 2016/17 edition of the Best Global Universities (BGU) ranking – featuring a list of the top institutions in South Africa. Each institution was evaluated based on its research performance and its ratings by members of the academic community around the world and in the region. The methodology […]

These Are The Most Expensive Cars In South Africa Right Now

Research and analysis group Lightstone Auto has published a list of the most expensive cars in South Africa as at the end of 2016. According to Lightstone’s data, the 20 most expensive cars in the country come from only five manufacturers – Ferrari, Bentley, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover and Porsche. Ferrari and Bentley have the greatest […]

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