10 Foods You Probably Didn’t Know Were Unique to South Africa

With Heritage Day coming up I was browsing for cool South African food ideas, and I started to realise that there is a ton of great food that I thought was universal, but turns out is unique to South Africa.

Here are some from my list, revel in the unique delights our country has to offer!

1. Crunchies

Like seriously? Who knew we were sitting on this secret? Other countries have oatmeal cookies, but nothing as crunchy and simultaneously squishy as our beloved Crunchie.

2. Cremora tart

Yes, you read it here first. If you haven’t made or eaten a Cremora tart you are missing out on a true classic. The bizarre properties of Cremora that allow it to be dissolved in water and then whipped to a foamy cream, the final tart resembles a fridge cheesecake.