10 Facts You Propaply Don’t Know About South Africa

The southern-most tip of Africa boasts a bit of well, everything. Despite being the second most visited country in Africa (Morocco’s first), there are probably still some South Africa facts that you don’t know.

The country is filled to the brim with amazing sights. They come in forms from massive nature reserves to gorgeous beaches (with epic marine life) to not one, not two, but three capital cities each with their own government branch and flare. With so much going for it, we figured we’d best give you the lowdown (with a travel slant, of course).

Get ready to be dazzled; here are some facts about South Africa that you probably didn’t know:

South Africa is often referred to as the “Rainbow Nation”

South Africa has over 11 official languages (not including the ton of unofficial ones). It was actually Archbishop Desmond Tutu who coined the term ‘post-apartheid’ to describe South Africa’s cultural diversity. The importance of this ideology is to denounce discrimination and embrace the multitude of thriving cultures.