10 Celebrity Siblings Who Are Making Waves In Mzansi!

3. Dineo And Manaka Ranaka

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Dineo Ranaka and her sister, Manaka, have both made their mark on the entertainment industry. From radio, to fashion and television, they’ve conquered it all.

Besides the complexity of their relationship, no one can break the bond between Dineo and her sister Manaka Ranaka. These two have always been open about being sisters and are always seen supporting each other.

4. Hlubi Mboya And Kuli Roberts

Like the Mdoda sisters, Kuli and Hlubi are very close. Hlubi is a respected South African actress, and is a bit more reserved than her big sister.

Kuli spices up the airwaves on Kaya FM, and is not afraid to ruffle a few feathers with her strong opinions.

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